Footfalls Donna Isaac's first full-length collection of poetry, Footfalls is now available through Pocahontas Press or through contacting Donna at for $20.00. These poems celebrate the people, places, music, and stories of her childhood Appalachian home. 

Donna's poem "Brokenness" will be published by Earth's Daughters, issue #92 with the theme "She Persisted."

Two poems, "Encounter Near Aldie, Virginia" and "Mist" by Donna Isaac were published in The Moccasin, The League of Minnesota Poets (2018).

The League of Minnesota Poets' Awards 2018 were recently announced at the annual conference in Hopkins, MN.
Donna earned the following recognition:

•First Honorable Mention in the Lost in Translation category for her poem "Learning Arabic."

•First Award of Merit in the South Minnesota Poets' Society category for her poem "After."
•First Honorable Mention in the Musica Award for her poem "The Day Rita Dove Danced for Me."
•Second Award of Merit in the Mississippi Valley Poets & Writers' category for her haiku "Over the Mountain."

Donna's poem "Transaction" is published in the Bacopa Literary Review 2018 (Writers' Alliance of Gainesville).

My poem "Truth/Time" has been published in issue 3 of Rascal, live for the fall 2018 issue.

The poem "Suggestions" will be published in Adanna's annual issue #8 with the print publication scheduled for late August or early September 2018.
Rascal Journal will publish "Truth/Time," in their upcoming summer 2018 issue.

"Transaction," a prose poem, will be published by Bacopa Literary Review. The print edition will be out in October 2018.

"Elementary School" will be published by Perfume River Poetry Review (Tourane Poetry Press) April 2018, celebrating the theme of childhood.

"September Sky" and "Our Daily Walk" published in In Plein Air--poems and drawings of the natural world by Poetic License Press

The following poems by Donna Isaac received recognition by the League of Minnesota Poets' Annual Awards, 2017: "Remedies" awarded by The Southeastern MN Poets' for first honorable mention; "Shapes and Shadows" awarded by the Lilian Osborne Memorial for third honorable mention; and "The Station off Heisey Avenue" awarded by the Janelle Hawkridge Memorial for second award of merit.

The Martin Lake Journal, 2017 will publish three of my poems: "Dark Death"; "Rise"; and "Constrictions."

"Ten" and "Vignette" are published in The Moccasin, Vol. LXXX, 2017, the poetry journal of the League of Minnesota Poets.

Shark Reef, an online journal, will publish "Constrictions" by Donna Isaac, Winter 2018 edition, posted by January 2018.

Crosswinds Poetry Journal will publish Donna Isaac's poem "Rise" in their Spring 2018 issue.

Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Vol. II, 2017 published two poems, "Tomatoes" and "Taking Heed". Portions of the proceeds go to food shelves and non-profit literacy groups. You can order a copy here.

"Dark Sky Spot" was published in the Martin Lake Poetry Anthology.
Purchasing the book benefits local food shelves.
The anthology can be found at various independent bookstores, e.g., Micawber's at 2338 Carter Ave., St. Paul. A plethora of fine Minnesota poets!

St. Paul Almanac published my poem "To Grandma Delores Suffering from Lewy Body Dementia" in their spring 2017 publication.
The book release party was April 6, 2017
Black Dog Cafe, 308 E. Prince St., St. Paul.

Shark Reef literary journal published my poem "The Great Escape" in their winter 2017 issue

If you go to this link you will read a poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy!

My poem "Summer Job" was published by Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel: Appalachia Under Thirty, vol. 19, 2016.
To purchase copies of the annually themed journal, go to or contact Donna via

The University of Missouri at Kansas City, BkMk Press,
recently announced the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry. My poetry manuscript was honored as a finalist for this award.

My poem "Venus, Later" won first place in the Dakota County Library's Adult Poetry Contest.
The winning works were published on this website: by June 18th, 2015.
Click on Poetry to read my poem and the other winning poems.

My poem "Visitors" was published in Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, Volume 18
the literary journal of the Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative at the beginning of June 2015.
Copies of the journal are $12.00 and can be purchased through

"I Want to Go Out" won honorable mention in the Bloomington City Poetry Contest.
"Wedding" was an acknowledged achievement.
Winners of the contest were honored at the Creekside Community Center in Bloomington
Aug. 16th, 2014 from 4:00-6:00 P.M.
Reception and readings
The poems was featured on beginning in Sept. 2014.

"The Candle of Memory" and "West Virginia: 12 Steps"
These poems were in the October edition of White Stag, a literary/arts magazine.
To purchase the book, go to

"Off"  Published on Sleet an on-line literary magazine  in the spring 2012 issue
Go to to read it.

"Springs" was published in The Highlands Voice distributed by West Virginia Highlands Conservancy.

"About Her Losing a Breast" Appears in the February 2012 online literary magazine, Hospital Drive, published by the University of Virginia Medical School. Go to to view this work dedicated to Donna's aunt, Janice Bageant.

Dakota County Poetry Anthology

dragonPerfect Dragonfly
DragonFly Press
stpaulalmanacSt. Paul Almanac 2011
"New Year"

hungerHunger and Thirst
"Thursday Dinner"
jukedJuked #7
"West Virginia: Steps"

Pisgah Review

Minnesota Arboretum Calendar 2010-2011
Sponsored by Writers Rising Up
My poems: "Ode to the Dragonflies" "Asking" "Turns"

Four of my poems were featured on Cracked Walnut's first audio cd, vol. 1, "Departures," found at
The poems are entitled: "How Precious Did That Grace Appear," "Facts," "Off My Feed," and "I Want to Go Out."
All of the poetry revolves around the theme of loss, leaving, and death.

My poem "Nativity: Four Years Later" was published in the Cancer Poetry Project book.
Go to for full information and to purchase the book.

My poetry capstone "Sustenance" received Outstanding Poetry Thesis 2007 from Hamline University.